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@Rob Tweed with the qewd-conduit project is in the game! 🔥

Check out the QEWD Implementation of the RealWorld Conduit REST Back-end.

And who's next? 😉

Hi @Rob Tweed 
You are perfectly right. The  IRIS Native API for Node.js is as synchronous as synchronous can be. And as is was for Caché before.

My remark referred to the logic of the control program:

  • It fills a global with server + data to send
  • this information is scanned periodically by the MicroService  (no synchronous trigger)
  • then the MicroService does its job and feeds the result to a different output-global
  • meanwhile,  the control program in IRIS displays periodically what has arrived so far also to show that it is still moving. (as you check your postbox every hour if you wait for your paycheck) smiley

I tried to express that  this is not ping-pong like the echo on a terminal
but ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-   and  pong - - - - pong - pong - - - pong - - - - pong -  pong -  - - -  

Hi @Rob Tweed!

Do you want to list your QEWD products on Open Exchange? This will definitely bring more attention to your solutions.

Also, there were some images of IRIS Community Edition baked by community members: this one by @Rob Tweed which goes with QEWD package  inside. Another was published by @Dmitriy Maslennikov, don't remember the post with the link.

To make it work on your laptop you need Docker installed with the version 18+.

Hi @Rob Tweed  !

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