· Out. 22, 2021

Já se inscreveu em nossos Laboratórios do Virtual Summit 2021 ?

Olá Desenvolvedores !

Não percam esta oportunidade de aprender um pouco mais sobre a tecnologia InterSystems diretamente de nossa equipe, ao vivo, de forma prática e de graça !!!!



Parsing Images and Charting Data with Embedded Python : Dia 27 de Outubro, 19:00 horário de Brasília e dia 28 de Outubro, 14:00 horário de Brasília;

Try Extended Decision Support: Real-Time Rule-Based Alerts for Clinicians : Dia 28 de Outubro, 14:30 horário de Brasília; 

Exploring Healthcare Analytics with InterSystems : Dia 28 de Outubro, 19:00 horário de Brasília e dia 29 de Outubro, 13:00 horário de Brasília;

Effortless High Availability with InterSystems IRIS and Kubernetes : Dia 29 de Outubro, 12:00 horário de Brasília.

E não se esqueçam das sessões temáticas sob demanda:

  • HealthShare Clinical Viewer: New & Next
  • TrakCare Clinical Timeline
  • Securing FHIR Applications with OAuth 2.0 (Part 1)
  • HealthShare Health Insight: New & Next
  • Exploring Machine Learning with R Language Gateway
  • Unified Care Record: New & Next
  • Saving on Storage
  • InterSystems Solutions in AWS
  • Embedded Python for ObjectScript Developers: Working with Python and ObjectScript Side-By-Side
  • Oper Card Increases Its Competitive Position with InterSystems IRIS
  • Running InterSystems IRIS Workloads in the Cloud: Lessons Learned
  • Accelerating Innovation in Fintech
  • Prior Authorization: A Shared Provider/Payer Project
  • Introduction to FHIR SQL Builder
  • TrakCare Patient Engagement & Virtual Care
  • How HealthShare Supports Payers & Providers To Meet U.S. Regulatory Requirements
  • Update on Intelligent Chart Review
  • How Digital Twins Help Renew Your Business Faster than Your Competition
  • Embedded Python with Interoperability
  • Overview of TrakCare's New Medication Planning & Reconciliation Functionality
  • InterSystems Package Manager Advanced Topics
  • Provider Directory & Patient Index: New & Next
  • TrakCare Chronic Disease Management
  • HealthShare Care Community: Coordinating & Managing Care in a Fragmented Healthcare System
  • Running Large-Scale Rest API in the Cloud
  • Containerizing InterSystems IRIS Applications
  • Drinking Our Own Champagne: InterSystems AppServices Move from Zen Reports to InterSystems Reports
  • HealthShare Analytics Solution: Create & Deliver Real-Time Insight at Scale
  • Health Connect: New & Next
  • Building TrakCare: A Behind the Scenes Look at How the World's Most Trusted EMR Is Created
  • InterSystems IRIS FHIR Accelerator Service
  • Adaptive Analytics in Action: Financial Services Use Case
  • Client Connection: The New TrakCare Community
  • Using Automated Testing To Build Reliable, Large-Scale API Server in the Cloud
  • Impact of New Medical Device Regulations
  • Poor Man's Analytics with Rich SQL
  • Introducing the Smart Data Fabric
  • HealthShare Message Transformation Services
  • Enabling Innovation
  • IntegratedML Update from the Field
  • Introducing HealthShare Extended Decision Support
  • Introduction to Embedded Python
  • Win, Win, Win with InterSystems Developer Ecosystem
  • Updates on Security: OpenSSL TLS 1.3
  • New Efforts to Support Clinical Research
  • Leveraging HealthShare Managed Connections to Improve Clinical Quality
  • Performance Consideration for the Cloud
  • Personal Community: New & Next
  • InterSystems IRIS in Google Kubernetes Engine: Metrics/Logs Monitoring
  • InterSytems IRIS Container Updates
  • HealthShare Storage Footprint Reduction
  • FHIR in the Cloud: Understanding InterSystems New FHIR Services
  • Git & GitLab for Shared Development Environments
  • Partner Directory: New Services for InterSystems Partners & End Users
  • What's on the Horizon for Payer Interoperability?
  • Join Us on a Journey from Caché/Ensemble to InterSystems IRIS
  • Exploring the Hybrid Mode in InterSystems API Manager
  • Cohorts, Analysis & Tracking Outcomes for COVID-19 Patients
  • Securing FHIR Applications with OAuth 2.0 (Part 2)
  • IKO: The InterSystems Kubernetes Operator (Version 3.0)
  • Maximizing your TrakCare Investment
  • Using VS Code with Python
  • TrakCare Vaccination & Vaccination Passports

Nos vemos por lá !!!

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vamos conhecer os caminhos que estamos seguindo!!!!

Keynote - Day 1


Join us for our Day 1 Keynote presentations
(Start time will vary based on local time zones)

  • Welcome
  • Analytics Anywhere, Insights Everywhere Terry Ragon, InterSystems CEO
  • (Re)Building Analytics Capabilities and Culture: Getting Actionable Insights Faster, Better & Cheaper Moderated by Michael Schrage, Research Fellow with MIT Sloan School’s Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE)
  • Our Vision for Data Platforms: Why you need a Smart Data Fabric Scott Gnau, Head of Data Platforms, InterSystems
  • Better Data Creates Better Solutions at 3M
  • Analytics in Healthcare: Opening New Frontiers for Care Moderated by Susan Dentzer, Senior Policy Fellow for the Robert J. Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University
  • Our Vision for Healthcare: Getting Value from Data Don Woodlock, Head of Healthcare, InterSystems
  • Leveraging Information for Better Care Jim Heiman, AVP, Clinical Information Systems, Northwell Health(for NA/EMEA/LATAM audience) or Data-Driven Innovation and Leveraging EMR Benefits Bruce Winzar, Executive Director Innovation and Digital Services/Regional CIO, Bendigo Health (for APAC audience)