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I've been developing applications for InterSystems, primarily using InterSystems' technologies, since 2009. As an intern (2009-2012) I developed vMonkey, an internal application that automates the setup of virtual machines for the Support department. From 2012 to 2014 I was part of the Application Services team. My main focus was on integrating our internal systems, and I have contributed to most of our 30+internal applications at some point. My largest project was rolling out a homegrown single sign-on (SSO) system for use among nearly all of these applications, and even some third-party apps, including the Developer Community itself.

From 2014 to 2019 I worked on two development teams at InterSystems, most recently HealthShare, with a focus and interest in ObjectScript build and testing tools. Most notably, these included a package manager (the basis for and a tool for measuring unit test coverage (see and I served as a scrum master for the 2019.1 HealthShare release, before returning to a development management role in AppServices in April 2019. It’s good to be back where I started!

In AppServices over the past year, a major focus has been conversion of legacy CSP/Zen-based applications to Angular/REST. As part of this, we've developed a REST framework (focused on our common use case - exposing APIs to existing ObjectScript data models), which is available on the Open Exchange ( / GitHub: (

Before joining InterSystems full time, I was a student at Grove City College. I majored in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering concentration) and Mathematics, and graduated in 2012. Outside of work, I enjoy running and playing various musical instruments.

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