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Resumo de Aplicativos do InterSystems Open Exchange de Junho de 2023

Olá Desenvolvedores! 

Aqui está o resumo das novas soluções e aplicativos submetidos ao InterSystems Open Exchange em Junho de 2023.

Estatísticas Gerais:
24 novos apps em Junho
637 downloads em Junho
761 aplicativos o tempo todo
26,650 downloads o tempo todo
2,197 desenvolvedores inscritos

Novos Aplicativos (24)
ChatGPT Telegram Bot by Evgeny Shvarov
Talk to Chat GPT via Telegram!
oex-mapping by Robert Cemper
collect OEX structure data
MergeCPF Application Settings by Alexander Woodhead
Get correct MergeCPF Application settings faster
appmsw-warm-home by Sergey Mikhailenko
Example for creating a user interface for a smart home
workshop-performance by Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Performance tests of IRIS, Postgres and MySQL by JDBC connection
production-settings by Evgeny Shvarov
Module to change InterSystems Interoperability Production settings
workshop-rest-ws by Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Creation of REST web service for training purposes
OwnObjectScriptExtension by Philipp Bonin
A Visual Studio code extension that supplies tools for InterSystems ObjectScript.
Text Extractor by Nikolay Solovyev
Extracts text from PDF files using embedded python
iris-migrations by Nikolay Solovyev
IRIS-migrations is a database migrations tool.
FUME by Meirav Malkin
FUME, The Industry Standard for Frictionless FHIR® Conversion
Jupyter Server Proxy for VS Code by John Murray
PoC of a VS Code extension to provide a local Jupyter server acting as a proxy for IRIS servers defined in Server Manager
telegram-adapter-demo by Nikolay Solovyev
This demo shows how to use the IRIS Telegram Adapter.
workshop-integratedml-csv by Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Example of IntegratedML predictions based on real data in CSV
IrisSapConnector by Daniel Aguilar
Example connection IRIS with SAP using RFC
RDUH Interface Analyst HL7v2 Browser Extension by Rob Ellis
Browser extension created to extend the HL7v2 capabilities of Intersystems Iris/Ensemble.
irisapitester by Daniel Aguilar
Docker microservice with InterSystems IRIS + Newman to test Apis
IntegratedMLandDashboardSample by shanshan
A simple example of generating machine learning prediction data
IRIS FHIR Transcribe Summarize Export by Ikram Shah
OpenAI Transcribe & Summarize. Google Docs Integration.
vscode-per-namespace-settings by John Murray
IPM package to create the /_vscode webapp that server-side mode of the vscode-objectscript extension can leverage.
Surgifit by Isaac Cano
Get ready before surgery with Surgifit!
IRIS Data Loading Client by Raj Singh
Front-end client to the LOAD DATA SQL command
oex-vscode-snippets-template by John Murray
GitHub template for publishing VS Code snippets with IPM / ZPM
oex-vscode-snippets-example by John Murray
An example of VS Code snippets publication through InterSystems Open Exchange and Package Manager using the oex-vscode-snippets-template framework
Novos Lançamentos (18)
DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • added support for labels order (overrides.chartLegend.legendLabels) for base charts (#383, #385)
  • added marker option support for charts (#383)
  • fixed issue with chats without override (blank widgets)

Git for Shared Development Environments by Timothy Leavitt


  • Page to support deployment (git pull and run pull event handler) with verbose output
  • Support for git clone to initialize namespace via Settings page and ##class(SourceControl.Git.API).Configure() (#234, #237)
  • Support for automatically creating SSH keys for use as deploy keys via Settings page and Configure() (#33)


  • Protect against Favorites links containing control characters (#254)
  • Green checks for valid paths shown consistently (#229)

Telegram adapter by Nikolay Solovyev
  • Added display of messages in the trace in JSON format.
  • Removed the example; it has been implemented as a separate package
  • In the Telegram.Request class, removed fields that should not be filled by the user.
  • Changed class naming.
  • ChatId can be specified in the settings of the Telegram.BusinessOperation business operation. In this case, there is no need to specify it in every message."

Added the option of automatic saving of the received files.


draw connection lines from services

  • fixed maxlen for Filename

IRIS apiPub by Claudio Devecchi

bug fixes and improvements

MDX2JSON by Eduard Lebedyuk


Open API Client Gen by Lorenzo Scalese
  • Fix an issue related to the copy of an utils class.

iris-interoperability-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Environment variables support is introduced

ObjectScript by Evgeny Shvarov

Dockerized and packaged because of Sergey Mikhailenko PR

zpm-dockerhub by Evgeny Shvarov

New preview 2023. releazed

IRIS-fast-ECP-setup by Robert Cemper

move to archive

Sync-Data-with-DSTIME by Robert Cemper

move to archive

bdb-sql-utils by Benjamin De Boe
  • fix issue detecting column separator in small files
  • fix UNDEFINED when no header was specified or found in the file

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